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Many organizations typically use weak static passwords for logical access to PCs, applications and remote network connections. These practices often result in fragmented security systems, increased risk of network intrusion and data breaches and finally, additional IT resources and excessive cost for password support.

Solution Benefits

Adding Protiva solution to a Windows network, significantly improves client logon security by requiring 2, or even 3, Factor Authentication - something the user Knows (a PIN) and/or Is (fingerprint) and something the user Has (a smart card). Using a smart card and a PIN (and/or fingerprint) to securely log-in to the workstation and enterprise network, gets rid of complex and costly passwords and significantly reduces Helpdesk calls. Furthermore, there is no need to install any specific software on Windows workstations when using applications from Microsoft such as Office 2010. Finally, the smart card can also be used as an identification badge for employee physical access (existing or new) to buildings and secure areas.

End user experience

There is the clear benefit of convenience as the user has a PIN code or short password to remember instead of a long complex one. At the company level, this opens up the possibility to deploy easily other user sensitive applications such as a single sign on (SSO) or remote access solution which promotes the importance of the information security amongst employees.

Solution Elements

→ .NET  or .NET Bio or any minidriver range of smart card and Smart Card Reader.
→ Hybrid Card (contact-less) bodies for combining physical and logical access.
→ vCMS software to manage the .NET and any minidriver smart card. 

Advanced smart card management made easy !

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