.NET Solution Securing Offices and Networks

With the .NET range, organizations can easily leverage advanced and proven smart card technology to secure their networks end-to-end, whilst dramatically reducing implementation costs and complexity.

Seamless integration

This is beacuse .NET smart cards work seamlessly with all major operating systems including the Microsoft® environment and Microsoft's cryptographic and service-oriented architechtures, making them easy to deploy and simple to use with no need to install or maintain any extra software or middleware. They contain a minidriver that offers unrivalled integration with native support from all Windows operating systems from XP to Seven, and their associated server versions.

.NET cards are compatible with all major Card Management Systems (CMS) as well as Microsoft's Forefront, Active Directory Domain Services and Certificate Services. They also integrate with a large number of Identity and Access Management applications including Single Sign-On, pre-boot authentication, data encryption, secure web access and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). With Protiva .NET implementation, encryption and digital signature services become easier than ever.

Multiple form factors

.NET smart cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes including ID1 or ID000 contact cards with a wide choice of card body options, contactless technologies, USB tokens with or without One-Time Password (OTP) displays and secure storage as well as Display Cards with OTP.

A flexible solution

The basic .NET smart card, which offers all the benefits of Protiva two-factor authentication, full PKI cryptographic capabilities and support for on-card applications and services, is modular, allowing you to increase security features to fit your company’s needs. It comes equipped with the OTP support, but also with the optional biometric authentication support.

OTP security

.NET OTP is an on-card application that uses industry standard OTP OATH authentication with device provisioning done by the card administrator or the final user (live or self provisioning). The OTP technology offer strong authentication for easy connection and identification and is ideally suited for VPN authentication.

Biometric authentication

.NET Bio offers an innovative software solution that provides fingerprint biometric support for Protiva .NET smart cards integrated with Microsoft Windows. The .NET Bio Solution enables fingerprint Match-on-Card user authentication as an alternative or complement to PIN verification. It offers a secure two- or three-factor authentication system that is convenient for users, easy to deploy and manage, and fully compatible with the smart card security components available in Windows.

Proven, trusted security

The combination of the .NET model and the smart card helps ensure highly integrated smart card applications and services. For this reason and more, the Protiva .NET smart card has been chosen as Microsoft's worldwide corporate badge for logical and physical access, as well as by prestigious governmental and financial organizations.

.NET benefits

Secure implementation integrated with the Windows Smart Card Framework not only ensures security through strong authentication, but also supports easier, more cost-effective deployments by exploiting the framework’s built-in features.

Software development simplified

Enhancements to Visual Studio .NET make it easier to integrate smart cards into web services-based applications and solutions. A Software Development Kit (SDK) plug-in also offers quick access to the rich development environments of both Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Smart Card Framework SDK.

A solution for today and tomorrow

.NET cards are based on EEPROM technology which offers a wealth of development flexibility and the potential for updating cards in the field.

Protiva at your service

The Protiva solution is a complete portfolio of products and services to accompany your online authenticatio solution deployment. The Protiva offer not only includes smart cards, readers, tokens and authentication servers but also fulfillment, consulting, and implementation services.

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