OTP Display Card

The combination of Card and OTP. The card fits both ISO-7810-ID01 standard and your wallet.
OTP Token thinner than 1mm. Easy carry and smart choice.

The combination of Card and OTP. The card fits both ISO-7810-ID01 standard and your wallet.

otp card

Besides normal LCD screen, there is an option of EPD (E-Ink Printed Display) available for Power Cards, which provides lower energy consumption and better eye protection.

epd display 1

PIN protect function & secure digital signing

Cards that provide PIN protect function, time based or Challenge Response unlock function available. Challenge and Response (OCRA) code for sophisticated two way authentication between entities with knowledge of the unique key, in addition to the secure signing of data, transactions, emails, or other sensitive information.

otp pin

Mini size
FEITIAN also provides mini Power Card as an extra option. It has full functions like standard Power Card and much smaller.

otp minisize


With specialized application, it is able to program seed by using NFC interface with smart phone or Smart Card reader.

otp nfc


We offer complete customization options for casing, packaging and related service to enable the ability of creating your very own Power Card.

Thanks to the low power consumption chip inside, Power Card can sustain a life cycle above 5 years.


3 different OTP algorithms is supported to meet different requirements and scenarios, enabling the maximum flexibility to the customer.


Secure production system consists of dedicated hardware devices and OTP production management system which is used to centralize and simplify the administration process of OTP token production, enabling customer with the ability to totally control the seed security in different levels.

The total onsite seed programming solution
Relying on the security of a vendor is can be too risky for those customers who have much to protect. FEITIAN provide secure production framework. We offer our clients active and stable management over various environments to enable customer’s ability to take total control of the seed data.

Field-Programmable Token, FEITIAN is one of few vendors to enable on-site token programming for OTP tokens, allowing customers to generate the token security data and program on- premise.

Seed Generating Server,
Offered as a standard rack-mount server which allows more processing power in less space and simplifies cabling, storage, and maintenance.

Wireless Seed Programming Suite.

Secure Seed Lifecycle Protection.

Centralized Production Management System, Improve visibility, deployment, and manageability of the whole production lifecycle.

seed generation

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