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Detect, Analyze and Respond

Massive amounts of video data are collected but most are left unused. Our intelligent video analytics solution detects and analyzes meaningful data effectively and swiftly to suit your specific needs.

Turn video into insight.

Find relevant images across multiple types of video files.

IBM® Intelligent Video Analytics helps security and public safety organizations develop comprehensive security, intelligence, and investigative capabilities using video. You can use advanced search, redaction and facial recognition analytics to find the relevant images and critical information across multiple video files from multiple types of cameras. Selected live-streaming cameras plus pre-recorded video ingestion from both fixed cameras and cameras in motion are supported.

The Intelligent Video Analytics base installation includes these functions for live streaming, fixed cameras:

-Real time alerts to call attention to events
-Rich content-based indexing to find critical images and patterns
-Standards-based open and extensible architecture

Optional capabilities extend the solution:

-Ingestion of pre-recorded videos from both fixed cameras and cameras in motion. With ingested video files, analysts can extract critical information and find relevant images faster, which may help accelerate investigations.
-Automated intelligent redaction
-Advanced facial recognition to aid lead generation and risk assessment
-Advanced people search capabilities based on cognitive analytics

Real-time alerts to call attention to events

Intelligent Video Analytics provides event-based security that analyzes streaming video feeds from fixed cameras to provide real-time alerts about user-predefined behaviors of people, vehicles, or objects. It can help identify perimeter or tripwire breaches, abandoned objects, objects removed, vehicles moving in unexpected directions, and more. In addition, a key differentiator from other analytics offerings is that Intelligent Video Analytics indexes these alerts along with other activities across cameras and sensors. It can index a whole set of attributes about each and every event.

Advanced search

Intelligent Video Analytics' basic detection, classification, and indexing algorithms can index hundreds of millions of events and alerts to create a full index for live-streaming fixed cameras that can be quickly searched, analyzed, and correlated in seconds. Users can data mine the index for a wide array of criteria, including searches of real-time and historical data for specific items, such as vehicles and objects.
To help search further, the data mining capabilities allow for searching by such attributes as color and size. Additionally, Intelligent Video Analytics provides a statistical analysis of events that can be sorted by date and time, or over an extended period of time, in order to perform a trend analysis. These figures are directly linked back to their particular video feed or ingested file for immediate viewing when a potential anomaly has to be reviewed promptly.

Rapid searching for persons of interest

Cognitive analytics that are part of Intelligent Video Analytics optional capabilities can help make forensic searching for images of people within video files simpler and faster. The solution can search hundreds of hours of footage across multiple files from a variety of camera types.
The agency can set search criteria for characteristics such as hair color, baldness, facial hair, age range, glasses, skin tone, gender, clothing colors or patterns, and more. Once the agency sets the characteristics, searching for such attributes is done automatically. This capability may reduce the extensive time and effort that would otherwise be required of an analyst or officer to view all the footage manually.

Automated redaction

Once video is captured, whether from cameras in motion or from fixed cameras, it may be necessary to share clips with the media, the public, and other security organizations. Intelligent Video Analytics includes an optional capability for redaction to assist organizations in their efforts to comply with privacy and criminal justice evidence handling laws for publicly shared video.
To use the redaction function, an agency or organization sets up the criteria to automatically blur out sensitive images that may have been captured by the camera lens. Manually performing such a task would be labor-intensive work. Automated redaction may significantly reduce the time and labor required to release video footage for shared use. Intelligent Video Analytics includes the following redaction functions:
-Redact one or more faces for a specified video segment.
-Optionally redact all detected faces.
-Redact all pixels for a specified video segment.
-Redact image pixels that are outside the selected regions for a specified video segment.
-Manually select an object, such as computer screen, to be redacted from a video segment.
-Manually redact any content of a single video frame.
-Automatically redact selected objects with optional user adjustments.
-Redact specified video content with options of various masking techniques, including blurring, pixilation, blank mask, and gradient map.

Face capture and recognition for lead generation

Faces captured by body-worn cameras or fixed cameras could prove helpful to security analysts and investigators when run through facial recognition tools. However, not all face capture images will yield effective results; the more images of a face that are captured, the greater the likelihood of a resulting match. Optional cognitive analytics in Intelligent Video Analytics provide greater accuracy to help identify good facial images for further recognition analysis, potentially saving time and personnel costs, and possibly identifying a person of interest who might otherwise have been missed.
To enable facial recognition, the agency enrolls or loads a set of facial images representing potential persons of interest into their Intelligent Video Analytics watch list. The analytic software automatically compares the faces identified in ingested video clips with the faces in the watch list. The facial recognition function detects high-quality matches and sends them to Intelligent Video Analytics as a recognition alert. This process can take a matter of minutes rather than the hours previously needed to review footage and manually cross-check with all the persons of interest.

Standards-based open and extensible architecture

The Intelligent Video Analytics architecture is designed specifically to facilitate interoperability with products from different vendors to broaden and enhance the overall security framework for the particular environment in which it is deployed. This approach to video analytics and security helps an organization to deliver preventive security controls, countermeasures, and safeguards, and to evolve, as necessary, by incorporating third-party products and services (such as specialized analytics, sensor data, and integration with transactional information technology systems). Intelligent Video Analytics interoperability contributes to its ease of implementation by leveraging and enhancing current technologies rather than isolating them. As a result, it provides the necessary framework to help implement effective security controls that can adapt to ever-changing and new threats.

Enhance security at warehouses, offices, governmental buildings, factories and laboratories with multi-layered authentication access control systems with biometrics and smart cards.

  • Rich search capabilities using a person’s combined features, such as glasses, hair, torso.
  • Automatic alerts when movement of objects is inconsistent with predefined patterns.
  • Advanced color-calibration capabilities with a 13-color palette for improved color-based searches.
  • Advanced search features with manual and auto size correction to increase search results.

Cities today are enhancing IT services and getting smarter about safety and security, using complex data from cameras and environment sensors to manage urban areas.

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