Samsung EMM for Government - enterprise mobility management

Secure Mobility 

Enables agencies to deploy secured mobile assets into the field. Both IT admins and agency employees are able to control the device from configuration to decommissioning.

Keep up with the mobile revolution

Safeguarding sensitive corporate data gets more difficult every day. EMM solution satisfies international standards for computer security certification (CC) by letting administrators centrally manage employee access and protecting data with next-generation security protocols. We give you more effective and consistent device management and increased security across your organization.

Simplify policy management
EMM lets you apply comprehensive access and control policies across apps and devices. No more confusing silo-based provisioning and de-provisioning.

Reduce admin workloads
The EMM user-portal lets you post notices, FAQs, and employee self-service options, so they can view enrolled devices, and locate or lock one if it’s gone missing. No more help-desk overloads.

Monitor mobile security compliance
EMM’s Admin Console provides a single pane dashboard view of activity, devices, and security violations across your organization.

Keep critical data inside the firewall
EMM’s on-premises approach keeps sensitive data on your servers, behind your enterprise security stack.

Enhance security
Secure corporate and employee-owned devices, and control access from a single console. Our EMM solution boasts the highest security standards, with validations from NIAP/CC, and the NSA CSFC program.

Ensure safe data communication
The Secure Push Channel for server-to-device communications skips cumbersome VPN systems by using TLS-secured data channels, providing quick data transfers and industry-leading delivery success rates.

Automatically secure employee mobile devices
Companies can prevent security breaches by automatically turning on the mobile security policy on employee mobile devices as they pass through the Speed Gate.

Securing devices and employee privacy
Employees can create separate spaces on their mobile device for work and personal use, letting them access corporate data more securely and efficiently while maintaining their privacy.

Ensure data security remotely
Employees can remotely block unauthorized access to their lost device remotely from the user portal. They can also use the Remote Wipe feature to immediately delete all data on the device.


Device Management
Use EMM’s Over the Air device commands and provisioning to specify security policies by department, individual and location.

Data Management
Control access, protect data and provide a virtual space for business application data.

Enterprise Mobile Apps Store
Host your own proprietary app store, a must for enterprises whose apps need to meet stringent policy, security and procurement requirements before distribution.

Application Management
EMM efficiently supplies and distributes business mobile applications, controls access and authority, and monitors usage.

Unified Management
Administer security policies aligned with organization structure and easily distribute enterprise mobile applications.

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