Samsung SDS Nexsign for Enterprise

Samsung SDS Nexsign for Enterprise provides easy and secure access for system administrators and enterprise system users, by enabling passwordless log-in using biometric authentication like: 





Login to multiple apps on mobile device, users don't need to remember complicate passwords under SSO
(Single sign-on) function which manages multiple applications and system.

The use of Nexsign biometric authentication enables an assortment of actions from user devices, and its application ranges across many industries for both internal officers/employees and end users. 

Nexsign usecases

  • Enable to login without password and to control PC remotely by mobile device.
  • Provide simple authentication using various biometrics.
  • Minimize time- consuming authentication process.
  • Help users easily access multiple apps and enterprise system by Single Sign-on function.
  • Protect confidential information by face recognition and Authenticate users assured by PKI-based authentication and biometrics.

Use case sample:

User: Officers/Employees

Device: iPhone >6 iphone Samsung Galaxy >S6  SamsungGalaxy

Service / App: Email + Authority/Enterprise apps


Use Case

•Officers is on train and logs into authority app. using fingerprint
•Creates a scene inspection report and sends in the report with site pictures.
Benefits: Does not need to carry OTP, nor remember password
  • Operating System
    Red HatTM Enterprise LinuxTM / AIXTM / HP-UXTM / Solaris / Windows®
  • Web Server
    Nginx® / Apache®
  • Java Application Server
    Apache Tomcat
  • Database
    Oracle / MySQL / RDS
  • FIDO Protocols
    UAF FIDO V1.0 Certified
  • Algorithms
    TLS 1.2 / SHA-26 / ECDSA-256 with P256 curve (SECP256R1) / RSA
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