Samsung Video Analytics

Smart Video Analytics

Detect, Analyze and Respond

Massive amounts of video data are collected but most are left unused. Our intelligent video analytics solution detects and analyzes meaningful data effectively and swiftly to suit your specific needs.

Reduce crime and increase safety
Collect evidence and enable accurate situation monitoring, and act fast to deter unwanted behaviors and activities.

Improve marketing promotion effectiveness
Measure the effectiveness of marketing promotions by comparing crowd behavior before and after the promotion period.

Make the security process more efficient
Reduce the need for extra operators monitoring cameras by utilizing advanced and automated security and safety services.

Unleash actionable business insights
Understand behaviors with business intelligence analyzed from video data visually expressed on the dashboard and in reports.

Enhance security at warehouses, offices, governmental buildings, factories and laboratories with multi-layered authentication access control systems with biometrics and smart cards.

Retailers can analyze shopper information and monitor their stores to improve the quality of shopper service.



Cities today are enhancing IT services and getting smarter about safety and security, using complex data from cameras and environment sensors to manage urban areas.

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