IDBridge CL300 - Contactless Smart Card Reader with SAM slot

Prox-SU is a PC-Link contactless reader with a SAM (Secure Acess Module) slot. This contact SAM card may be required in some security scheme based on DESfire®, MIFARE® Plus or Calypso cards.

1: Prox-DU and Prox-SU can be bought WITH a plastic Stand Fixed allowing very easy vertical insertion, or WITHOUT the plastic stand

2: Contact & Contactless reader that are fully compliant with the CCID USB protocol dedicated to smart card readers

3: Use the native PC/SC drivers that are included in the latest Windows OS versions

4: Software applications adress contact and contactless cards in the same manner

5: EMV 2000 v4.1 level 1 (contact) Net Weight: 0.1 KILOGRAM

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