IDBridge K1100 Bluetooth Reader

The Bluetooth Reader K1100 smart card-enabled Bluetooth token has one-click simple and secure AES encrypted pairing and carries a replaceable smart card in SIM form factor. Its compact size (LWH 60x23x8mm) allows it to be placed on a key ring for convenient and easy transport. The rechargeable lithium polymer batteries last for approximately 1,000 charge cycles and have a one-month standby battery life, depending on usage (two weeks in Windows logon mode, two months for time–to-time PKI usage).

Use Cases:

  • Secure remote access (VPN/ Web)
  • Digital signature
  • Network logon
  • Strong two-factor authentication
  • Email encryption
  • eHealth, eProcurement, and eGovernment applications
  • Enhanced battery usage time —The low consumption of the BT 4.0 standard, combined with the smart power management protocol, Bluetooth Smart devices will last 10 times longer between charges (compared to previous Bluetooth versions)
  • Secure pairing—Managed pairing provides secure, quick and easy connection with devices
  • Secure communication—The security protocol of Bluetooth products were built to overcome all known security issues related to the Bluetooth protocol Supported Operating Systems > Android, iOS, Windows 7+, MacOS
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