16. End of Life

16. End of Life

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IDClassic IAS (Legacy Name : IAS ECC HM MIFARE Classic® 1K)

IAS ECC PKI smart card on MIFARE Classic® 1K card body.

IDBridge CL300 - Contactless Smart Card Reader with SAM slot

Prox-SU is a PC-Link contactless reader with a SAM (Secure Acess Module) slot.

IDBridge CL3000 - Dual Interface Smart Card Reader

Prox-DU which combines contact and contactless smart card interfaces in a single cost effective USB reader

IDConfirm 1000 and IDProve 300 Mobile OTP and IDProve 500 Desktop OTP User License Free of Charge

Evaluation License FREE OF CHARGE (IDConfirm 1000 & IDProve 300 & IDProve 500) for 10 Users.

Universal Tracer Tool Suite

Gemalto's Universal Tracer provides a convenient and simple way to trace and interpret communications between a handset and (U)SIM.

2G SIM Card incl XOR & Cave38 - GemXplore Generation (EOL)

2G SIM Card incl XOR & Cave38 - GemXplore Generation - 32k (GXX V3 32k)

Telecom Wireless Developer Tool Suite

Developer suite comes with an end-to-end Simulation Suite: Card Simulators for SIM Cards, USIM Cards and R-UIM Cards.

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