tPro OTP

tPro OTP is a small and user-friendly device that generates and automatically inputs one-time passwords, based on the HOTP (HMAC) algorithm. There is no need to rewrite passwords from a card or a screen, so they can be much longer which increases security.

tPro OTP may be used in banking, but it can have other purposes too. Apart from verifying transfers and operations, it can be useful in all the situations, where a username and a password are not enough.

No drivers are required to use tPro OTP, because it works out of the box. No matter if it’s connected to a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. When a user has to write a one-time password, he just pushes the built-in button and the token generates and inputs the password into the chosen place. The device was designed in a way to make sure that the private key that generates passwords never leaves the device. This means that the private key cannot be copied, even with the access to the computer’s memory.

  • Built-in button
  • USB power supply
  • Highly secure – tPro OTP is equipped with both the
  • event-based RFC 4226 and the time-based RFC 6238algorithms.
  • Advanced protection is enabled by two factorauthentication: something users have – the device, andsomething they know – their PIN.
  • Universal access – as an NFC-enabled USB HID device,tPro OTP can be used on smartphones, tablets and PCs with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android operatingsystems without the installation of any additional drivers.
  • Easy to deploy – tPro OTP can be easily integrated into existing solutions through platforms (Comarch Identityand Access Manager DRACO or any other OATH-compliant solutions), libraries (Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP) or infrastructure
    services (Radius).
  • Easy to use – once users insert the tPro OTP token into a USB port, they just need to press and release the built-in
    button to access onboard security applications.
  • Customizable – the tPro OTP tokens are designed and manufactured by Comarch Technologies and can be customized with a logo and other branding.

Comarch tPro is a family of unique tokens that store cryptographic keys and certificates used for both user’s authentication and authorization of sensitive data transfers through a dedicated secure communication channel.

Comarch tPro is a comprehensive cyber security solution encrypting the two-way communication between the user’s device (PC or a mobile device) and a trusted server (e.g. an internet banking service server). Implementing the most advanced cryptographic methods, Comarch tPro ensures that no passwords, PIN codes or bank account details can be hacked.

The solution can be easily implemented in every server-based security infrastructure.

Comarch tPro is a part of the end-to-end cyber security solution for IT systems created by Comarch Technologies.


Easy to use and no need for software installation and configuration.

OS agnostic

Compatible with smartphones, tablets and PCs with Windows, Mac OSX, Linux operating systems.

Strong security

Private key never leaves the device.


Easy integration with multiple Comarch cyber security and financial systems.

Plug and play USB

No need for configuration.

Lightweight and handy

Small size and lightweight of tPro OTP provide convenience of use and storage.

  • Protects against keylogger attacks
  • No electronic funds transfer can be done without physical access to the device
  • Huge increase in electronic funds transfer security
  • Ease of use
  • Compatible with Comarch security solutions
  • Unique solution on the market
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