NFC Card and Tags

NFC Card and Tags

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NFC Sample Kit

Mobile NFC Tag Testing Set is a comprehensive collection of different NFC Forum Type tags (Type 1-4, various chip types) with MIFARE Classic® 1K / 4K and ISO 15693 tags.

NFC compatible Card

NFC compatible: MIFARE Classic® 1K card

1455 DESFire Tag

Upgrade for Magstripe & Barium Ferrite Cards - turns plastic ID cards into secure smart card credentials.

Trusted Tag Services

A cloud-based platform for adding trust to NFC applications.

Industry and Logistics RFID Asset Tracking

Process Improvement and Accountability with RFID Asset Tracking.

Fueling Automation

identiFUEL™ consists of RFID enabled components to seamlessly integrate into Fuel Management Systems (FMS) to simplify management for commercial fleet and retail fueling stations. Incorporating RFID increases line of sight into operational functions. For example, monitoring and controlling costs, accurate billing, and to uniquely identify and authorize vehicles and drivers to dispense fuel from dedicated fueling stations.

Trusted Pet and Animal Identification

Identification and RFID Tracking for Livestock, Pet and Laboratory Animals.

Smart Label Sensors

Cost-effective electronic monitors as thin as a chemistry-based label.

Product Authentication Software

Product Authentication software offers global anti-counterfeit protections and product diversion detection.

NFC on Metal Foils

  • Printed ferrite enables reading of NFC tags where metal would normally interfere
  • Wine and spirits caps
  • Foil-lined packages
  • Foil safety seals
  • Compatible with both NFC OpenSense and NFC SpeedTap

HID® ProxPass® II Active Tag

Midrange proximity 125 KHz active tag for Vehicle Access. Could be codify
with any HID® format. Maximum read range of 1.82 meters.


HID® ISO- Prox® II Card

Proximity ISO CR-80 125 KHz access card, without contact chip. Available
in PVC or composited (40% Polyester + 60% PVC, multilamination) for high
wear environments.


Adhesive Tag

Proximity 125 KHz access tag with peel-off self-adhesive back. Could be
easily adhere to cards, phones and electronic nonmetallic pocket devices.


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