FIDO U2F Security Key


FIDO supports a full range of authentication technologies, including biometrics such as fingerprint and iris scanners, voice and facial recognition, as well as existing solutions and communications standards, such as Trusted Platform Modules (TPM), USB security tokens, embedded Secure Elements (eSE), smart cards, and near field communication (NFC).[1] The USB security token device may be used to authenticate using a simple password (e.g. four-digit PIN) or by pressing a button. The specifications emphasize a device-centric model. Authentication over the wire happens using public-key cryptography. The user's device registers the user to a server by registering a public key. To authenticate the user, the device signs a challenge from the server using the private key that it holds. The keys on the device are unlocked by a local user gesture such as a biometric or pressing a button.

FIDO provides two types of user experiences depending on which protocol is used. Both protocols define a common interface at the client for whatever local authentication method the user exercises.

Feather light, still unique
ePass FIDO® Security Key adapts itself to your requirements. No matter metallic, extremely compact, water proof, touch button or even customized casing with your design. SMARTJAC is able to provide various casings for ePass FIDO® Security Key to fit the different requirements from customers.

Infinity key pair storage
There is no limit to the number of accounts registered in ePass FIDO® Security Key.

SHA256 with ECDSA on P-256, brings top security to you all.

Driverless for all PC platforms
Recognized as a HID device, no driver is needed for ePass FIDO® Security Key to work on Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux via USB.

USB Type-C
The built-in USB Type-C port makes ePass FIDO® Security Key (K21, K28) the perfect match for your cutting-edge computers.


Options for end-users to enable Two-Factor Authentication, for specific online services, platforms and applications, using ePass FIDO

  • Windows platform service
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Dropbox
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Salesforce
  • Bitbucket
  • Dashlane
  • DUO
  • Digidentity
  • FastMail
  • Keeper
  • Sentry
  • Okta
  • IOS platform
  • Google account

Find out which ePass FIDO® Security Key suits you by checking comparison table.

Please see attachment


We offer complete customization options for casing, packaging and related service to enable the ability of creating your very own ePass FIDO® Security Key.

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