MePIN - Mobile Strong Authentication

Mobile strong authentication - securing the user experience.

One API delivering compliance, digital signatures, biometrics, payment authorization, multi-factor authentication and more.

Two-factor authentication

– Fast. Mobile. Secure.

Passwords are copied, hacked and cracked. MePIN is a universal
strong authentication solution for online services – authorize logins
and transactions with an App, Biometrics, FIDO Key or SMS.

One API – Universal authentication

MePIN is a mobile app authenticator and a universal authentication service, providing compliance and strong security with exceptional user experience. Use MePIN as a service, or deploy it on-premise as a white label strong authentication platform.

MePIN supports two-factor authentication, passwordless login, digital signatures, biometrics, FIDO and legacy one time passcodes; choose your authentication methods and policies, or offer them all for the end-users to choose. Integration is easy with the unified MePIN Services API.

MePIN is a complete universal online authentication platform providing modern strong authentication and legacy 2-factor authentication for online services. Choose your authentication methods and policies, or offer them all for the end-users to choose. Integration is easy with the unified MePIN server API.

Supported strong authentication methods

Mobile PKI with Biometrics – MePIN mobile app and app SDK authenticates the user with a PKI private key and certificate. Each authentication event has a dynamic policy which defines whether the user is further authenticated with a PIN code, fingerprint or a face recognition.

Benefits: No specific hardware required. Flexibility with dynamic authentication policies. Each authentication is digitally signed, providing non-repudiation. Convenience and ease of use for end-users.


FIDO UAF and U2F – MePIN authentication server supports industry standard FIDO authenticators. User is authenticated with a FIDO Security Key hardware token or a FIDO enabled mobile device.

Benefits: Future proof solution with industry standard protocols. Authentication events can be digitally signed, providing non-repudiation. Convenience and ease of use for end-users.

Supported legacy and fallback 2-factor authentication methods

TOTP – MePIN mobile app and app SDK generates standard Time-based One-time passcodes (TOTP) which the end users can use to authenticate and authorize online logins and transactions.

Benefits: No specific hardware required. Works also when the end-users device is offline.




SMS OTP – MePIN authentication server can send SMS one-time passcodes to the users mobile phones. User can use the code to authenticate and authorize logins and transactions.

Benefits: Works on any mobile phone.




Paper OTP – MePIN authentication server can pre-generate a list of one-time passcodes for the end-users. User can use a code from the printed list to authenticate and authorize logins and transactions.

Benefits: Provides a backup solution and works also in environments where mobile phones are not practical.

Fight fraud, comply with legislation and engage with users. MePIN provides strong authentication and non-repudiation for omni-channel e-banking, 3-D Secure and online wallet payments, trading and more.

Security with user engagement

50 % of consumers have frequently abandoned online payments due to authentication problems. Security without usability hinders business.

MePIN makes online payment authentication and authorization fast, convenient and secure. Built on PKI and supporting biometrics, MePIN complies with payment legislations and provides non-repudiation while offering the industry’s best user experience.

Enhance and secure your existing apps with MePIN, or use it to launch a new branded strong customer authentication app.

MePIN is a white label Smartphone App Authenticator for online identity
operators. With MePIN, Telecom operators, Banks and Government
organisations can launch modern and secure online identity services.

Online identity and user authentication must be fast, convenient and secure. MePIN empowers identity operators with a white label Smartphone App Authenticator and SDK, integrating with existing Identity and Access Management solutions.

MePIN’s dynamic security technology, built on PKI, enables frequent updates of the security keys and the security software itself while maintaining the user’s identity. MePIN makes identity provisioning cost efficient and brings daily convenience for the end users.

mobile connect logo  What is Mobile Connect?

Mobile Connect is the new, simple and safe way to log-in to websites and applications without the need for multiple passwords or usernames. With Mobile Connect, no personal information is made available to the website or app without the user’s consent. GSMA‘s Mobile Connect takes advantage of the user’s mobile number as a digital identity – the request to login works through the mobile device. The mobile-based authentication solution is now available to 2 billion consumers globally.

Mobile Connect + MePIN

MePIN is one of the chosen technology suppliers for Mobile Connect. Technology suppliers deliver the technology necessary to support Mobile Connect and to enable easy integration with the operators’ mobile networks so that users of any mobile network offering Mobile Connect can log in and be authorised for any application.

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