IDProve 400 - Protiva Thin OTP Reader

Product Code: SMAGA1148615C

Protiva "IDProve 400 Thin Reader" is a highly portable smart card reader using the entreprise Protiva Smart Cards for Unconnected OTP authentication.

Using Protiva "IDProve 400 Thin Reader", Enterprises can deploy OTP strong authentication for a low total cost of ownership (TCO) using  Gemalto Smart Card for PKI and OTP authentication.

Protiva Thin Reader  is fully compatible with Gemalto SA Solutions. Gather available components needed to build your strong authentication deployment.


Size and Weight:

  • 79 mm * 57 mm * 4 mm
  • Weight : 22 g

Enhanced features:

  • Patented zoom feature
  • Counter display


  • Logos
  • Keypad ( labels and colours )
  • Casing colour
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