Jcop Card & Java Card

Jcop Card & Java Card

Java Card refers to a software technology that allows Java-based applications (applets) to be run securely on smart cards and similar small memory footprint devices. Java Card is the tiniest of Java platforms targeted for embedded devices. Java Card gives the user the ability to program the devices and make them application specific. It is widely used in SIM cards (used in GSM mobile phones) and ATM cards. The first Java Card was introduced in 1996 by Schlumberger's card division which later merged with Gemplus to form Gemalto. Java Card products are based on the Java Card Platform specifications developed by Sun Microsystems (later a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation). Many Java card products also rely on the GlobalPlatform specifications for the secure management of applications on the card (download, installation, personalization, deletion).
The main design goals of the Java Card technology are portability and security.

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Jcop Card & Java Card

JCOP – The Core of Your Application

  • Java Card Operating System provided by one of the leading Smart Card IC vendors.
  • Field proven Global Platform / Java Card used world-wide for Banking, Mobile Transactions, Secure Identity (e.g.: ePassports,
    National ID Cards, Digital Signature Applications, Health Cards, Driving License), Transportation and various other applications.
  • Unique Platform Design: Use one JCOP version to address all market segments and applications independent of the form factor (e.g.
    cards, mobile phones, tokens) and certifi cation requirements (e.g. CC, EMV, FIPS)

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