Virtual Smart Card

Virtual Smart Card

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vSEC:CMS Virtual Smart Card

vSEC:CMS Virtual Smart Card. With vCMS implementation, users can create and manage Virtual Smart Cards from Windows 7 and above.

Windows Hello for Business

vSEC:CMS unleashes the full potential of Microsoft's next generation of virtual smart card, Windows Hello for Business (WHfB). While WHfB can be used "as is" for basic Windows logon use, vSEC:CMS allows users to fully leverage its capabilities for strong authentication (2FA) and PKI. WHfB is available from Microsoft Windows 10.

SafeNet IDPrime Virtual Smart Card

SafeNet IDPrime Virtual

As organizations continue to move their business to the cloud, the need may arise for PKI authentication, data encryption, and digital signing that can be carried out without a physical piece of hardware such as a token or USB. Thanks to IDPrime Virtual that is now a possibility. Enable your cloud transformation securely by building on your current PKI authentication framework for cloud access. Increase mobility by allowing users to access enterprise apps with PKI credentials, from any device via VDI. And lower operational costs by replacing hardware smart cards with a virtual solution without that doesn’t compromise on security

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