MedSecure Solution

Managing secure access and protecting identities isn't easy in any business, but in the world of healthcare, it's a daunting effort. Not only do healthcare IT managers have to protect the data and identities of staff associated with their own facility (including the numerous nomadic medical professionals), but also the multitude of personal records of patients. And as regulatory requirements become increasingly stringent, hospitals and medical offices are under growing pressure to implement strong authentication and procedures that ensure systems are locked down and protected from unauthorized access and in a worst case scenario, hackers and cyber criminals looking to exploit patient information.

Tackling this daunting task may have IT managers wondering where to start. Gemalto can help you design the right solution for your medical office or hospital. Protiva MedSecure is a complete solution offering a variety of secure devices and software that allows for easy customization of components to build a strong authentication solution that works best for your needs and most importantly keeps patient information safe and secure.

Granting access

In a hospital environment, seconds may mean the difference between life and death. Doctors and patient care workers don't have time to fumble with multiple pieces of identity, access cards, tokens, etc. The number of credentials a healthcare worker is required to carry can reach double digits, especially if that worker is traveling between multiple medical facilities. There is a real need for a standardized identification system that integrates visual identity, physical and logical access–a solution that is secure and auditable, but that's still easy to deploy and convenient for users.

Protiva MedSecure provides the ability to deploy a secure visual identity card that enables secure physical and logical access (PACS/LACS) to buildings and data networks. Simplicity, convenience, and security in a single credential means working at multiple facilities will no longer be a logistical nightmare for healthcare professionals who today are challenged with juggling badges and credentials to access everything from parking structures to sensitive data systems. With Protiva MedSecure, healthcare workers working in many facilities with have one single secure certificate-based credential that can be used at any terminal to access appropriate records and to enter authorized facilities.

Protecting Identity

One of the more shocking statistics concerning identity comes from the healthcare industry. In 2011 the healthcare industry reported twice as many breaches as any other industry. What makes this even more unfortunate is the fact that hospitals and medical offices hold some of our most personal and private information. It seems like every other day, the news reports another data breach involving medical records or private patient information. One unencrypted stolen laptop can significantly damage your reputation and cost a fortune in regulatory fines and potentially punitive damages.

Protecting the privacy of patient records is an important concern and the standard practice of user name and password authentication is no longer considered to be secure. Protiva MedSecure provides validated online identity through two-factor authentication to ensure compliance with patient privacy initiatives. In addition, the solution can reduce physical paperwork with two-factor authentication providing the ability to encrypt and digitally sign medical orders, meeting the requirement for non-repudiation.

Digital Signature

In a business where seconds are truly a matter of life and death, shuffling paper from one location to another or searching the halls for a doctor to sign an order for medication is just not acceptable in today's digital world. We no longer need to give up those valuable seconds. Protiva MedSecure's versatile authentication platform, working in conjunction with leading infrastructure providers like Microsoft, has the ability to enable digital signature. Busy medical professionals can validate the authenticity of documents, such as ePrescriptions, patient records and medical orders by using their certificate-based identity credential with their PIN, providing strong online identity verification. Digital signatures are more secure than wet signatures (which can be forged) and meet regulatory requirements for strong authentication and non-repudiation.



Solution Components

→ IDPrime .NET
→ IDBridge Transparent, Contactless
→ IDConfirm
→ IDProve

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