eSIM Platform As A Service

eSIM Platform as a Service

In its most basic form, SMARTJAC managed eSIM Platform As A Service is just a digital replacement of what an operator does today when they hand out plastic SIM cards and assign them to subscriber profiles in their systems when they are activated.

Except now instead of plugging in the SIM card, the user downloads a digital SIM profile to the device after scanning a QR code provided by SMARTJAC managed platform.

A SMARTJAC customer can be ready to distribute QR codes to eSIM device owners within days of signing up.

For more sophisticated operators who want full API integration and automation, that is also easily done.

eSIM allows the subscriber to select and switch their voice and data plans over-the-air, simply by scanning a QR code and downloading a new SIM profile to their device.

SMARTJAC managed ‘eSIM As A Service’ platform makes this new technology accessible for every market participant, big or small.



The arrival of eSIM has made many operators anxious, as it’s a big upheaval to their existing operations model and they lose customer contact when subscribers don’t need to enter a high street store to get a plastic SIM card.

However the device manufacturers, led by Apple, are pushing through this transformation forcefully so operators need to turn this threat into an opportunity or get left behind.

SMARTJAC managed Subscription Management products, such as Virtual Traveller SIM and Virtual Dealer are designed to help the operator stay differentiated and maintain their dialogue with the subscriber.


A completely new and disruptive platform that will enable and empower smaller MNOs and MVNOs by helping them develop commercial relationships with their peers around the world in a way that hasn’t been possible before eSIM.

eSIM 2

For MNOs and MVNOs who want a platform they can deploy rapidly with zero upfront costs, zero hosting fees and minimal technical input, SMARTJAC has the solution.
SMARTJAC managed platform is secure, being hosted in a SAS accredited secure site for subscription management.


Devices approved once on SMARTJAC managed platform are instantaneously approved for all our operator clients around the world. This removes the constraint of having to approach each mobile operator directly, one by one, to test and approve new devices.


Prepare profile

Service Description  

Within this service you can prepare the profile for download onto the end user device. 

To release the profile (prepare for download) you can use two scenarios:
 Prepare profile by ICCID - search for individual ICCID to prepare
 Prepare profile by profile type – the application will take random profile according to chosen profile type.

When a profile is selected you can either:
 Prepare profile without device
 Prepare profile with device

Track Profile

Service Description

You can track all changes made on profiles (profile life cycle management). This service can be used for troubleshooting purposes as it shows all actions made on profiles within timestamps and additional detailed information.

The details window for every profile provides two use sections:
 Operations history - detailed actions made on chosen profile by UI users
 Log – detailed profile life cycle history which contains all profile changes (troubleshooting)

This section will display profiles in all states according to chosen MNO context.
NOTE: Profiles will be shown according to profile types set in users’ permissions.


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