Building upon proven SIM technology, MIMs secure the identity of machines communicating on cellular networks and provide security authentication and ciphering information among other features. ​MIMs are optimized to:
- Survive extremes of vibration
- temperature
- and humidity common to M2M applications
- Endure a long life span (ex: 10+ years)
- Occupy a small footprint (miniaturization)
- Withstand and integrate into industrial manufacturing processes.

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Full M2M Quad MIM

Semiconductor packaging (SMD) resistant to high temperature (105°C), shocks, vibrations and humidity.

U-MIM Quad M2M

Ideal for consumer M2M applications Miniaturized, standardized format (TS 102.671) Resistant to theft. GSM standard.

M2M Plug 85 MIM

Ideal for replacement of classic SIM in existing modems. Standard SIM card format.

M2M Plug 105 MIM

Ideal for replacement of classic SIM in existing modems. Standard SIM card format but made with a more robust material.

Smartjac OTA service (SME)

Smartjac OTA platform permits Operators to administer their SIM cards remotely and effectively managing preferred roaming agreements.

Full ​Auto Quad MIM

Miniaturized standardized format (TS 102.671) Resistant to theft. Semiconductor packaging (SMD) resistant to high temperature (105°C), shocks, vibrations and humidity.

MIM Product Range

M2M and IoT applications present new technology challenges, and in many cases, standard components designed for consumer devices are not ideally suited to the job. To meet the need for an M2M optimized SIM card that is ruggedized for long life in extreme conditions, R&D developed a specialized platform called the Machine Identification Module - MIM™ that has quickly become the preferred solution for enabling secure cellular connections.

ECoffer-Smart Socket Innovative Mobile Security Solutions

A tamper-resistant secure element to provide a secure environment for the storage and processing of sensitive data.

eSIM Platform As A Service

Accelerating the adoption of eSIM around the world.

In its most basic form, SMARTJAC eSIM Platform As A Service is just a digital replacement of what an operator does today when they hand out plastic SIM cards and assign them to subscriber profiles in their systems when they are activated.

Except now instead of plugging in the SIM card, the user downloads a digital SIM profile to the device after scanning a QR code provided by SMARTJAC managed platform.

Customized eSIM Card-eSIM Module


Memory:1280KB, RAM:32KB
Mobile Network Connection:GSM,CDMA 2000,WCDMA,USIM,ISIM,RUIM,LTE
Browser:WIB 1.3,S@T,Celltick
Algorithms: DES/T-DES/SM1/SM4/SSF33/RSA/SM2/- SHA1/SM3/CRC
Interface: ISO/IEC 7816-3 Serial interface/GPIO/SPI/SWP
Secruity Certifcation EAL4+,BCTC

Customized M2M MS Embedded Module / MP PLUS-IN card


Module Dimension:6x5x0.9mm/2x2x0.9mm
Card Demension:25 x 15 x0.8mm Material: Plastic/PVC
Mobile Network Connection:2G/3G/4G
Browser:WIB 1.3,S@T,Celltick
Operating temperature:-40°C to 105°C
-lndustrial and machine-to-machine
-Vending machines
-Remote control/monitoring



Frequency 13.56 MHz
Suitable for ordinary mobile phone terminals
The SE module is embedded in the SIM card
RF controller and antenna embedded in SIM card
Support 3GPP and 3GPP2, ISO 14443-A
Support card mode, card reader mode, peer-to-peer mode
Application: Consumer IoT, Industrial IoT,Vehicle IoT

SWP-SIM, also known as SIMepay, consists of a CLF module, an SE module, a high frequency 13.56MHz RF amplifier and an antenna. SIMepay actively sends a signal synchronized with the POS carrier signal to implement near field payment. SIMepay
can load a variety of mobile payment applications such as micro- payment applications and city bus cards.

Customized SIM COS/EUICC/M2M COS (Card Operating System)

COS, independently developed by TONSIM, is a high-se- curity, high-performance, low-power telecom  SIM card/M2M/eUICC operating system developed based on mature UICC standards and conforms to international standards such as ISO, Oracle Java Card, GlobalPlatform, 3GPP and ETSI. Security algorithms such as DES, AES, SHA, MD5, and RSA can be widely used in various industries such as mobile communication networks,the Internet, and the Internet of Things.

COS is highly modular and supports telecom functions such as SIM, USIM, ISIM, RAM, RFM, BIP, CAT-TP, TLS, S@T, etc. It can be flexibly configured to conform to the UICC standard (U)SIM card, security token, TPM modules, etc., quickly respond to order needs. COS supports the secure download,instal- lation and deletion of multiple applications, which can fully meet the various personalization needs of telecom operators.
Product quality has been well received by customers through various rigorious internal testing, testing agency certification,and the actual experience of users around the world.

OTA System / Service - eSIM Card/eSIM Module


OTA (over the air)is a data-value-added service that enables users to obtain personalized information services by dynamically downloading, deleting, and updating the business menus in the SIM card through a mobile terminal or a server(online). OTA service (Over-the-Air Technology) is a technology face of mobile communication (GSM or CDMA).
The air interface can use WAP, GPRS, CDMAlX and SMS technology. Through the OTA download technology, mobile phone users can download various service menus provided by the network to the mobile phone according to personal preferences, and can also customize the specific service according to their own wishes.

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