Mobile Data Protection

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The mobile phone – at the center of our lives
The mobile phone has become a central part in our lives, and with the increase in personal data like pictures, music and videos, the emotional attachment to these devices is increasing proportionately.This presents a great opportunity for mobile network operators.

Mobile Data Protection portfolio is a complete suite of services for protecting the data inside any kind of mobile phone. It meets subscribers' needs to back up, store and secure their mobile content and data, over-the-air, wherever they are. Backed up data is secured on a server for easy device restore when necessary.
Taking advantage of the flexibility of the Mobile Data Protection suite, operators can offer simple contact backup or complete mobile backup services to specific targets or to their entire subscriber base, regardless the handset or SIM provider.

​​​​​​​Autobackup made easy - secure all Smartphone content backup in the cloud.
LinqUs Smart backup is the solution for securely protecting Smartphone content, including contacts, multimedia, photos and videos in the cloud. End users can easily backup their on-Smartphone content right from their handset via the intuitive app, and can access and restore it from multiple devices over the web.

Secure all mobile phonebook backup. In the cloud.
LinqUs Cloud Backup is a backup assistant for securely protecting basic and feature phones via a SIM-based content back-up, synchronization and restoration. End users simply back-up their address book, calendar and notes over-the-air, on a secure server and once their personal data are protected they can easily restore them to their mobile equipment.

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