b. UICC - SIM Card Software

b. UICC - SIM Card Software

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SMARTJAC M2M MIM Card Premium Admin Kit

MIM Card admin software kit to read, write and edit your test MIM cards.


SIM card administration by scripting methodology or instant read and write.
Create a range of advanced scripts with the help of an easy graphical user interface and execute them quickly one-by-one within the tool to change parameters, populate files and edit settings on SIM cards.
You can create 1000 scripts in a matter of seconds, and it only takes 3-4 seconds to select and execute the script on a SIM card!

• Browse files
• Filter content *
• Read content
• Write content
• Generate dynamic scripts
• Faster execution of scripts *
• Calculate OPc *
• Generate Ki/Opc lists
• USIM and ISIM support
• PIN handling
• Insert dynamic values
• APDU logs
• Interpretations
• Scan non-default SIM cards
• Export scanned cards to new card profiles *
New in v2.8x *

SIMoME® JAR Self-Development Kit

Unwrap & Extend your Java Knowledge!
The SIMoME® JAR Self-Development Kit (SDK), a complete package containing all the vital components required for the development of smart card applications, enables an easy way to develop Java applet with patented SIMoME® technology. The SIMoME® JAR SDK provides tools, sample codes, and technical support service to assist developers to effectively incorporate SIMoME® JAR technology into their solutions.

SIMoME® JAR java open plattform

Enable unlimited possibilities in mobile world.


Taisys mBanking solution is a secure, SIM-based mobile banking solution allowing complex banking transactions on the mobile device even without the use of a smart phone.

Secure eSMS

Additional security for secret messages Taisys’ Secure eSMS provides additional, customized security to allow sending and managing of secret SMS messages.

SIM card ICCID calculator

Smartjac software tool to generate SIM card ICCID numbers.



Kit Content:
- SMARTJAC SIM Editor Software download
- PC Twin USB SIM Card Reader HW
- SIM Card Adaptor
- Sample cards

Test SIM Simulator

The Test SIM Simulator is an integral part of the test setup offered by vendors of network test equipment. This new solution enables 100% test automation of network protocol conformance testing. Based on the IT³ Prove! terminal tester (hardware and software), it replaces the physical test SIM card through a simulation. Thus, different UICC profiles (CSIM, USIM, ISIM) needed for the different network access technologies (2G/GSM, UMTS/W-CDMA, CDMA2000, LTE) can be simulated.

Connectivity Test Center

Connectivity Test Center is COMPRION‘s test case management software for testing smart cards, secure elements (on chip), and all entities that are required for remote provisioning (RSP) of an embedded SIM.

Network Bridge

With the Network Bridge, remote SIM provisioning scenarios can be processed in a lab environment independent of a real network, network simulator, or device. It allows end-to-end testing with just the eUICC and the subscription manager by “bridging” the complete over-the-air communication (cellular network) and providing appropriate simulations.

eUICC Profile Manager

The modular tool for efficient eUICC life cycle management.

The eUICC Profile Manager enables users to manage embedded SIMs (eUICCs) throughout their entire life cycle.

With eUICC Profile Manager supporting M2M as well as consumer device eUICCs, you can load profiles to eUICCs, enable and disable profiles, and delete profiles. A easy user interface hides the complex RSP (remote SIM provisioning) architecture
that is required for execution of the corresponding procedures. In addition, eUICC Profile Manager scans the contents of an enabled profile, visualizes the file system, allows editing, and visualizes the sent and received commands in a sequence diagram or protocol view.

Remote SIM Provisioning Platform for M2M and Consumer Device Architecture

RSP (remote SIM provisioning) M2M Platform and RSP (remote SIM provisioning) Consumer Devices Platform enable you to set up a complete remote SIM provisioning infrastructure in a lab environment around the eUICC. The off -card interfaces of both
platforms are accessed using appropriate web services.


Unique modular approach to create use-case-specific OTA test solutionsTesting the OTA functionality of all involved components, covering the complete communication chain:

  • Back-end/network/mobile device/UICC
  • Enables the user to simulate whatever component is not present
  • Achieves a test setup that can be completely managed in a lab
  • Controlled by a single user interface
  • Tests are developed on a project basis concerning the specific use case:
  • terminal, card, server, and end-to-end tests

SIMfony Conformance Test Platform

The most popular conformance test platform for the UICC interface of mobile devices

  • Based on UICC simulators
  • UT³ Platform (conformance)
  • IT³ Prove! and Prove 2 (pre-conformance)
  • Integrated network simulators for all 2G, 3G, and LTE networks
  • Validated at GCF and PTCRB
  • Test case packages for every relevant GCF work item
  • All test procedures controlled by one GUI
  • Convenient test case management
  • Easy-to-use logfile handling
  • Automated test procedures

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