MiniMove Pocket Tracer for ALL UICC Interfaces

MiniMove is ultra compact trace tool for contact-based UICC interfaces. Although it is extremely small it supports all protocols: ISO/IEC 7816, SWP/HCI, IC-USB.
Powered only via the USB connection to the host PC it is the ideal field testing device even at remote places.
Powerful Interoperability Test Center software grants full access to all functionalities of MiniMove.

„ Tracing of communication on all contacts:
— ISO/IEC 7816 1-4
„ Clearly arranged and synchronized layer views
„ Interpreter for SIM, USIM, ISIM, R-UIM, SAT,
„ Powerful analyzers for timing measurements and error identification
„ USB power supply (Host PC)
„ Remote control

„ Interoperability testing (smart card/terminal)
„ Field testing (mobile usage)
„ Development/debugging of
— Mobile phones and chipsets
— Smart cards
— M2M devices
„ Quality assurance


ISO/IEC 7816 Monitoring
„ Universal Translator for GSM, W-CDMA, LTE,
„ Provides a structured view of the terminal profile
OTA Remote Management Translator views:
— Application Layer view
— BIP Layer view
„ Supported ISO/IEC 7816 protocols: T=0 and T=1

SWP/HCI Monitoring
„ Based on ETSI TS 102 613/ETSI TS 102 622 and
proprietary SWP standard Inside Contactless
„ SHDLC (Simplified High Level Data Link Control)
„ HCI visualization

IC-USB Monitoring
„ According to ETSI TS 102 600
„ Of bytes/frames/bus–states
„ Interpretation of SCSI commands in IC-USB mass
storage recordings

General Monitoring Features
„ Synchronized visualization of protocol specific
information displayed in
— Protocol layer view
— Transport layer view
— Application layer view
— Summary view
— Info view
„ Timing measurements on APDU level
„ Protocol compliance checks on-the-fly


„ Stand-alone viewing software for logfiles traced with test tools.
MiniMove ID-1 Adaptor
„ Adaptor for cards in full-size format

„ Supported smart card voltage:
1.2 V /1.8 V /3 V /5 V
„ Speed: max. 8 clock cycles/etu at 10 MHz
„ Plug-in card slot
„ Input contacts: Voltage range: 0-5 V
„ Time measurement performance:
— Resolution: 20 ns
— Measurement units: etu, second

Host Requirements

Processor operating frequency: min. 2 GHz
(2 x 1.5 GHz dual core or more recommended)
„ RAM: min. 4 GB (8 GB recommended)
„ Hard disc (available space): min. 10 GB
„ USB interface: min. USB 2.0 highspeed
„ Supported OS: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

Scope of Delivery

„ MiniMove
„ Interoperability Test Center
„ USB cable
„ Travel bag


„ W x D x H: 82 x 116 x 31 mm
„ Weight: 0.31 kg

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