Mobiile Payment Terminal - One Stop mPOS

One-stop mPOS. The Ideal Payment Solution

ePayPOS 700/710 works together with the tablet, performing more than everything a fully functional traditional POS can do, it offers store managers the ability to set up shop easily and take the tablet to go mobile.


It provides the ultimate flexibility to accept payment and enables shop owners to run a better business with affordable and easy to use device. ePayPOS 700/710 is composed of smart jacket and PIN-PAD. Smart jacket works together with iPad Air/Android tablet as the host device to accept payments with EMV chip cards, magnetic stripe cards and contactless cards.

ePayPOS 2

Fully encrypted card reader ensuring the security of cardholder data

● EMV Contact L1 & L2 certified
● EMV Contactless L1 certified
● PayPass, PayWave, QuickPass

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