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Smartjac Test (U) SIM card - Configure Your SIM card !

You can quickly choose the options you need for your test SIM cards; mini 2FF, micro 3FF or nano 4FF form factor, network, algorithm, applications on the card, etc. You can also order and purchase some samples (10-20 pcs) if you only need a monir qty of sim cards prior larger batches of cards.

Advanced Multipurpose UICC card incl milenage

Advanced Multipurpose UICC card incl milenage 
for 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, CDMA, ISIM & NFC, Applet development
follows ISO 7816. NFC enabled with SWP.
- customized TRIO form factor (2FF/3FF/4FF) -

6121 Mobile USB SIM-size contact smart card reader

SIM-size contact smart card reader USB connected, dongle size, for mobile use.

Customized Multipurpose Java/Native 2G-3G-4G-5G SIM card


Card Body Material: PVC/ABS/Bi-Core Plastic 
OS: Java/Native
Memory Capacity:16K,32K,64K, 128K,256k,512k or above
Mobile Network Connection:2G/3G/4G/5G
Broswer:WIB 1.3,S@T,Celltick
Protocol:ISO/I ECIS07816;ISO/IEC 14443A;15015693
Telecom extension features:RFM/RAM/OTA
Application:With STK menu,SAT application.

Customized SIM COS/EUICC/M2M COS (Card Operating System)

COS, independently developed by TONSIM, is a high-se- curity, high-performance, low-power telecom  SIM card/M2M/eUICC operating system developed based on mature UICC standards and conforms to international standards such as ISO, Oracle Java Card, GlobalPlatform, 3GPP and ETSI. Security algorithms such as DES, AES, SHA, MD5, and RSA can be widely used in various industries such as mobile communication networks,the Internet, and the Internet of Things.

COS is highly modular and supports telecom functions such as SIM, USIM, ISIM, RAM, RFM, BIP, CAT-TP, TLS, S@T, etc. It can be flexibly configured to conform to the UICC standard (U)SIM card, security token, TPM modules, etc., quickly respond to order needs. COS supports the secure download,instal- lation and deletion of multiple applications, which can fully meet the various personalization needs of telecom operators.
Product quality has been well received by customers through various rigorious internal testing, testing agency certification,and the actual experience of users around the world.

OTA System / Service - eSIM Card/eSIM Module


OTA (over the air)is a data-value-added service that enables users to obtain personalized information services by dynamically downloading, deleting, and updating the business menus in the SIM card through a mobile terminal or a server(online). OTA service (Over-the-Air Technology) is a technology face of mobile communication (GSM or CDMA).
The air interface can use WAP, GPRS, CDMAlX and SMS technology. Through the OTA download technology, mobile phone users can download various service menus provided by the network to the mobile phone according to personal preferences, and can also customize the specific service according to their own wishes.

Advanced Multipurpose CBRS, LTE/5G and Wi-Fi SIM card incl milenage

Advanced Multipurpose CBRS,LTE/5G,PLTE and Wi-Fi SIM card incl milenage authentication algorithm for Citizens Broadband Radio Service(CBRS) in 3.5 GHz band (3550 MHz-3700 MHz) spectrum combining the capabilities of LTE with the simplicity of Wi-Fi.

Wireless networks and SIM cards customized to the enterprise’s needs.

With CBRS, the FCC opens 150 MHz in the 3.5 GHz band (3550 MHz-3700 MHz) for access to licensed users with a Priority Access License (PAL) and to registered users with General Authorized Access (GAA), alongside incumbents which will retain the rights to use the band. CBRS creates a framework for 4G and 5G deployments in this band, which is currently underused in the US. In many other countries, the 3.5 GHz band is reserved for 5G deployments. 

- customized TRIO form factor (2FF/3FF/4FF) -


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