Connectivity Test Center

Connectivity Test Center

  • Software for Testing (e)SIMs and Remote SIM Provisioning
  • Comprehensive test plan management
  • Powerful test reporting features
  • Signal analysis with integrated oscilloscope
  • Outstanding graphical user interface
  • Development of eUICCs and UICCs
  • Development of smart cards and the respective chipsets
  • Protocol implementation
  • Interoperability testing/monitoring of different devices and applications
  • Quality assurance: Detecting communication errors before product launch
  • Monitoring and measuring on physical, protocol, transport, and application layer
  • Writing individual test scenarios
  • (e)UICC and smart card conformance testing (analog & digital)
  • Electrical chip qualification
  • Support for card manufacturers and operators to successfully market secure smart card solutions and services (GlobalPlatform-qualified test tool)

Connectivity Test Center is COMPRION‘s test case management software for testing smart cards, secure elements (on chip), and all entities that are required for remote provisioning (RSP) of an embedded SIM.

Connectivity Test Center is perfectly suited for manufacturers of smart cards, chips, devices, servers as well as network operators who intend to scrutinize their (e)UICC-based services and solutions.
It checks conformance with applicable international standards and helps product development to increase robustness against typical interferences in the field.

eSIM and eUICC are two terms for an embedded secure element.
eSIM highlights the use case (Subscriber Identity Module), whereas eUICC emphasizes the hardware (Universal Integrated Circuit Card)

Apart from electrical testing, protocol testing, and API testing of UICCs and eUICCs, Connectivity Test Center also covers all components being relevant for the integration of eUICCs into the M2M environment or consumer devices.

Testing is performed using the COMPRION test benches as well as customized test routines.

Items under test:

Back-end servers (SM-SR, SM-DP, SM-DP+)
M2M modules

Compliance Testing

Standardization bodies like 3GPP, ETSI, GSMA, GlobalPlatform, and SIMalliance publish test
specifications that are the basis of our test solutions. If an item under test (IUT) has passed these compliance tests successfully, then the most common sources of malfunctions in the field are excluded, particularly incompatibility
with the technical environment. The following table shows the available COMPRION test benches and whether they are applicable to unsoldered UICCs, unsoldered eUICCs, M2M/
consumer devices with implemented eUICCs, and RSP servers.

Connectivity Test Center provides all means to help (e)UICC manufacturers, card suppliers, network operators, and implementers of RSP technology to test their products in a comprehensive way.

  • Outstanding graphical user interface for testing and monitoring
  • Test cases for all relevant test specifications
  • API for customized test scenarios
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