Certificate-based PKI Smart Cards

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Smartjac’s portfolio of certificate-based smart cards offers strong multi-factor authentication in a traditional credit card form factor, enabling organizations to address their PKI security needs. Smartjac smart cards offer a single solution for strong authentication and applications access control, including remote access, network access, password management, network logon, as well as advanced applications including digital signature, data and email encryption.

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IDPrime Smart Cards

IDPrime smart cards are Minidriver-enabled PKI smartcards that work seamlessly with any Microsoft environment. PKI security enables strong authentication, password management, secure digital signatures, and data security solutions.

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IDPrime PIV Smart Cards

IDPrime PIV is a standards-based smart card for Federal, state and local government, their contractors, private sector and non-federal organizations around the world that want to leverage the benefits of the PIV standard.

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IDCore Smart Cards

IDCore is a flexible open platform solution that can be easily customized to fit into any corporate or public sector environment. IDCore solutions support applications such as logical and physical access, PKI services and digital transactions.

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