SIM card ICCID calculator

Smartjac software tool to generate SIM card ICCID numbers.

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The coding of the serial number for cards of Phase2/2+ onwards it is defined in ITU

International Telecommunication Union. The leading United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues, and the global focal point for governments and the private sector in developing networks and services. See

">ITU-T E118. CCITT E118 specifies a Serial Number length between 0 and 18 digits plus an extra byte containing a checksum written in its least significant (that is, rightmost) digit. The checksum is always stored in this byte whatever the length of the serial number (if the serial number is shorter than 18 digits it is padded (One or more bits appended to a message in order to ensure that it contains the required number of bits or bytes.) with Fh up to digit 20. Coding the serial number on 20 digits overwrites the checksum. Some operators today use 19 digits followed by the checksum without any padding.

It's composed of the following subparts: 
– Major Industry Identifier (MII);
– country code;
– issuer identifier;
– individual account identification number;
– parity check digit 

For example the tool will generate ICCID's that can be exported to a CSV format:

100 each 19 digits

START 7919601000153956005

END 7919601000153956994


500 each 20 digits

START 79014101100506019216

END 79014101100506024208

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