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Training - Discovering NFC Ecosystem

Mobile NFC offers new opportunities to network operators, banks, transport companies and other service providers This course will allow you to easily understand the main standards, technologies, features & security around this NFC ecosystem, including Secure Elements, Handsets, HCE, Trusted Service Management solutions NFC requirements for co-operation between these different stakeholders, and GlobalPlatform concepts for security and confidentiality will also be explained.

Mastering SIM & USIM Cards

Everything you need to know about (U)SIM Cards, Technologies,Security & Services
(U)SIM cards play a larger role today, than simply securing access to mobile networks. They are also used as standard, secure and
portable platforms for personal data & value added services (VAS); remotely updateable in a standard & secure way “Over-The-Air”
This training course will allow you to easily understand the main standards, technologies, features & security of these products. It will
allow you to analyze & manage (U)SIM cards using state-of-the-art tools.

GlobalPlatform for NFC

GlobalPlatform 2.2 is the interoperable standard to allow a secure implementation & communication between parties. This training will help you to better understand the Global Platform specifications for NFC, including GP2.2 specifications for configuring Secure Element, the amendments A, B, C….for contactless parameters & confidential SE content remote management.

IoT Essentials and Consumer eSIM

This training course will provide you with all the knowledge to understand the impacts & key subjects which require study when deploying eSIMs and Remote SIM Provisioning management solutions into your ecosystem.

5G Overview and Subscriber Security Essentials for Next Generation Networks

NEW COURSE - This training provides a comprehensive overview on next generation 5G Cellular network evolutions planned from today to 2020. Including main focus of standards bodies on future needs such as: Network Virtualization, Enhanced Broadband for Consumer devices, Emergency Services disaster requirements, low bandwidth high volume needs for industrial IoT…, with the challenges linked to securing these future services and subscriber data privacy.

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