IoT Essentials and Consumer eSIM

IoT Essentials & Consumer eSIM Training

Ensure you understand the key factors when deploying your eSIM & Remote Subscription Management solutions.
The number of connected devices is growing, delivering a wide range of benefits to consumers. Solutions such as
On Demand Subscription Management allow the development of these brand new services, keeping you ahead in
the IoT services deployment.
This training course will provide you with all the knowledge to understand the impacts & key subjects which require study when deploying eSIMs and Remote SIM Provisioning management solutions into your ecosystem

  • Get a clear overview on the main M2M & IoT markets and where you could position your company for future services
  •  Understand the main concepts, specifications, and processes around Remote Subscription management with eSIM & RSP solutions
  • Be aware on key areas to study for biz, technical & process impacts when deploying, operating & supporting Consumer eSIM solutions
  • Benefit from previous WW Consumer deployment lessons learned & best practice to avoid traps & accelerate your eSIM solution deployment

All people involved in Mobile NFC project:

  • Managers requiring awareness of biz, technical & process impacts of eSIM deployment
  • Marketing teams
  • Project managers
  • Supply Chain manager
  • Deployment staff
  • Aftersales coordinators
  • Pre-requisites:
  • Understanding of classical SIM supply and activation processes would be useful
  • This training course is held in English

Introduction to GSMA eSIM and Remote SIM Provisioning

> IoT Definitions.
> eSIM for Consumer Electronic & Industrial M2M market:
o GSMA RSP initiative
o Main use cases overview
o Actors
o Value chains
o MNO Strategies for eSIM
> High-level solutions comparison
o eSIM architecture overview
o GSMA RSP concept: eUICC, ISD-R, ISD-P, CI, SM-SR & SM-DP, SM-DP+ & SM-DS, LPA...
o Subscription management platforms and profile/eUICC personalization
> Market update, trends & specifications evolutions GSMA Consumer solution

GSMA Consumer solution

> How GSMA addresses specifically the consumer market
> Use cases + demo
> Workflows & key features,
o Specific focus on connected watch use cases:
Apple Watch Series 3, Samsung Gear S2 / S3, Huawei Watch 2…
> Solution architecture & deployment
o With examples linked to connected watch use cases
> Processes to on-board EUM & OEMs
> Interoperability
> Customer Journey, Activation, Aftersales...
> Lessons learned: Go-to-market approaches

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