Mastering SIM & USIM Cards

Mastering SIM & USIM Cards - Training

At the end of the training you will 

  • Understand (U)SIM card functionality to ease analysis of cards using SIM tools
  • Have a clear overview on security mechanisms, and what subscriber-related information is stored in cards
  • Understand the concepts & mechanisms around VAS toolkit technology
  • Have a clear overview on the process & security around OTA, for remote management of (U)SIMs
  • Benefit from real field feedback on what cards & services are currently deployed

Who should attend?

  • SIM Manager
  • VAS Manager
  • Handset Validation Team
  • Project Manager
  • Developer Staff
  • Roaming ManagerIntroduction to the SIM & USIM Cards
  • Forensic Team


No specific pre-requisites for this course

Key topics

  • Standard & network evolution
  • SIM & USIM Cards
  • Characteristics & evolution of the Card
  • Card Architecture & Standards
  • Mobile – Card communication
  • SIM/USIM modes
  • File systems
  • Logical channels & generic UICC commands
  • Administrative commands
  • Access Conditions
  • UICC PIN Management
  • 3G Authentication
  • SIM/USIM Interworking
  • 3G Phonebook
  • Practicals:
    o SIM Files browsing
    o 2G & 3G PIN Management
    o 2G & 3G File creation & Access Conditions
    o Simulate GSM & 3G Authentication
    o USIM Files browsing
    o Record APDU trace
    o File Content Reports
    o Card Typing
    o Creating 3G Phonebook
  • USIM Application Toolkit overview
  • Examples of Toolkit Value added Services,
  • USIM Toolkit concept & standards ETSI 102 223,
  • SIM Toolkit protocols
  • Practicals:
    o Demo on Toolkit applet loading & installation
    o Analyses of APDUs Exchanged with Mobile Simulator
    o Universal Tracer
  • OTA Overview
  • Introduction, concepts,
  • “Enhanced Short Messages” – “GSM 23.048”
  • Remote File & Applet Management Concept
  • BIP-CAT TP Overview
  • Practicals:
    o Demo on OTA
    o SMS received with data ciphered and not ciphered
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