Training - Mastering UICC Cards for LTE Networks

Mastering UICC Cards for LTE Networks - Training

At the end of the training you will 

  • Understand UICC card functionality for LTE, to ease analysis & management of cards using admin. tools
  • Have a clear overview on security mechanisms, and what subscriber-related information is stored in such cards 
  • Understand the concepts & mechanisms around VAS toolkit technology & new service opportunities with latest standards 
  • Have a clear overview on the process & security around OTA, for remote management of UICC cards on LTE networks 
  • Benefit from real field feedback on what USIM – ISIM cards & services are currently deployed on LTE & IMS networks

Who should attend?

  • MNO SIM & Device Management Teams 
  • VAS Innovation & Project Management Staff 
  • Network Infrastructure & Handset Manufacturer Testing Teams 
  • Roaming Staff 
  • Security Teams…

Good knowledge on SIM & USIM cards

Key topics

  • ETSI/3GPP SIM Standards 
  • PIN & EPS Authentication 
  • Inter-standard Roaming
  • Toolkit & VAS 
  • OTA over HTTPS process & security 
  • ISIM 
  • SIM Tools (admin & spy)
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