03. Services

03. Services

Benefit by outsourcing your employee card / corporate ID card / tag production / secure element personalisation or SIM card production and use our services!

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Service - SIM Card Electronical Personalization - Personalization Data input

Personalization Data input for our electronical and graphical personalization services. If you add "SIM Card Personalization Service" to your quotation request, please add this item to your "order" (no-charge) if you want to send us your personalization data.

Service - Customized Graphical SIM Card Personalization

Please, don't hesitate to request electronical or graphical personalization service for your UICC/SIM cards by sending an email to order@smartjac.com

Training - Discovering NFC Ecosystem

Mobile NFC offers new opportunities to network operators, banks, transport companies and other service providers This course will allow you to easily understand the main standards, technologies, features & security around this NFC ecosystem, including Secure Elements, Handsets, HCE, Trusted Service Management solutions NFC requirements for co-operation between these different stakeholders, and GlobalPlatform concepts for security and confidentiality will also be explained.

Complementary Service - Request for additonal Service - RFS

Request for Pre-Programing - Personalisation - Customization - any other complementary Service.

Service - Barcoding

Chipped Cards, Contact and Contactless cards, Magnectic Stripe Cards can be coded with any type of data.

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