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03. Services

Benefit by outsourcing your employee card / corporate ID card / tag production / secure element personalisation or SIM card production and use our services!

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Service - Outsource Card Production

Benefit by outsourcing Your employee / corporate ID card production or SIM card production.

SAS - Authentication Service - OTP platform

Building on award-winning SafeNet Authentication Service, SMARTJAC is now offering SafeNet Trusted Access, a new access management service that makes it easy to manage cloud access with cloud single sign-on, scenario-based access policies and multi-factor authentication—all from the same management platform.

Biometric Authentication

Authenticate individuals, not something they carry or something they know.

Trusted Tag Services

A cloud-based platform for adding trust to NFC applications.

Industry and Logistics RFID Asset Tracking

Process Improvement and Accountability with RFID Asset Tracking.

Fueling Automation

identiFUEL™ consists of RFID enabled components to seamlessly integrate into Fuel Management Systems (FMS) to simplify management for commercial fleet and retail fueling stations. Incorporating RFID increases line of sight into operational functions. For example, monitoring and controlling costs, accurate billing, and to uniquely identify and authorize vehicles and drivers to dispense fuel from dedicated fueling stations.

Trusted Pet and Animal Identification

Identification and RFID Tracking for Livestock, Pet and Laboratory Animals.

Embedded SIM - eSIM

Remotely manage subscriptions with embedded SIM (eSIM)

Embedded Secure Element - eSE

A tamper-proof chip, embedded in any mobile device, ensures the data is stored in a safe place and information is given to only authorized applications and people.

Mobile ID

Solution for a single and secure digital identity​.

Trusted Remote Support Service Kit for UICC/SIM Cards

Trusted remote support service kit for UICC/SIM cards.

Mobile Guardian - Protect smartphones from loss or theft

Mobile Guardian App - Protect smartphones from loss or theft.

Mobile Data Protection

Secure all mobiles' backup In the Cloud

IoT Monetization

This requires a monetization framework that allows all contributors to leverage from the new IoT business models, and have the agility to deploy new applications quickly to have a quicker ROI. An application enablement platform can bridge this requirement with quick device on-boarding and pre-built IoT services. Discover the many ways in which SMARTJAC can help you monetize your IoT assets.

Sentinel Fit

Sentinel Fit is the industry's smallest commercial licensing solution for Monetizing Software-Driven Hardware Solutions.

Successful embedded software monetization for control, packaging, management, and tracking.

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