vSEC:CMS S-series Operator Card - Token


  • RFID encoding
  • Data export (SQL database)
  • Data import (CSV)
  • Windows 8 Virtual Smart Cards Management
  • Barcode support on card printing
  • Unicode support
  • Built-in demo Directory and CA
  • Support for HID Fargo HDP 5000 Printer
  • Support of IDBridge K3000 as Operator Token
  • Windows credential login to SQL server
  • Integration with Johnson Control P2000 (physical access control system)
  • User self-service capabilities for the most important operations
  • Photo capturing during the issuance process
  • Repository reporting capabilities
  • HTML formatted email notifications
  • System health information
  • New operator user interface
  • Key archival/recovery for user smart card keys
  • Smart card self-issuance from user self-service
  • vSEC:CMS Plugin API to extend and customize workflows
  • Enrollment agent certificate handlind
  • Support for Entrust CA
  • Operator Server Key Store to improve self-service capabilities
  • Support for Microsoft SWL Server 2014
  • Additional PIV smart card features
  • New client-server architecture (SOAP/HTTPS) removing the RDP requirement for S-Edition
  • New temporary card workflows
  • Support for the Symantec MPKI certificate authority
  • Brand new operator UI that makes the application easier to operate
  • Automatic discovery of available SQL servers on the network
  • Card layout preview in smart card issuance
  • Batch smart card preview
  • Improved RFID support: several representations of serial numbers and DESFire┬« support
  • Major improvements to the wizard for upgrading from Gemalto DAS/IDAdmin 100 to vSEC:CMS
  • Certificate file (PKCS12) import: now available during smart card issuance + manually imported certificates included in vSEC:CMS card respitory
  • Entrust CA: Key archival and recovery + use of authorization codes at issuance
  • New smart card administration tools
  • Self-service server certificate request signing using server side certificate enrollment agent
  • New virtual smart card: vSEC:CMS Virtual Smart Card -with support for MS Windows 7 and later
  • New user interface: larger lifecycle diagram, added scrollbars, images for smart card readers, form validation
  • Management of non-smart card certificates (for example web server SSL certificates)
  • New certificates authority connection: neXus PKI
  • New certificates authority connection: Verizone UniCERT CA
  • New self-service smart card retire configuration options
  • Improvement in smart card printer configuration (it is now possible to choose the smart card reader from a drop down box in addition to using the "Detect" option)
  • Migration of DAS/IDAdmin 100 managed cards, also when all cards are using the same admin key diversified from DAS master key
  • Option to only allow one vSEC:CMS operator console to run from the same folder at the same time
  • Manual certificate issuance using Entrust authorization code(s) to already issued smart cards
  • Option to paste (from clipboard) the authorization and references numbers into the required fields when issuing Entrust certificates. Also additional information about a user can be shown from the Get Entrust ID dialog
  • It is now possible to configure certificate subject components of certificate request when using Microsoft CA

Version 4.2 of vSEC:CMS T-Series (including E- and S-Edition) is now ready for release. The new version includes a long list of smart new features. The new features will help smart card administrators better manage user smart cards. Examples of new features:

  • Performance improvements
  • Enhanced error reporting
  • TeleSign secondary authentication
  • HSM operator service key store
  • Authentication-only operator-cards
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