04. Smart Card Management System or Credential Management System -SCMS or CMS-

04. Smart Card Management System or Credential Management System -SCMS or CMS-

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SMARTJAC Smart Card Management Tool Box

Java Card technology provides a secure environment for applications that run on smart cards, sim cards and other trusted devices with limited memory and processing capabilities. Multiple applications can be deployed on a single card, and new ones can be added to it even after it has been issued to the end user. Java Card also includes a set of unique tools for developing new products.

vSEC:CMS supported Smart Cards

The number of supported smart card types is continuously increasing with every new product version.

Windows Hello for Business

vSEC:CMS unleashes the full potential of Microsoft's next generation of virtual smart card, Windows Hello for Business (WHfB). While WHfB can be used "as is" for basic Windows logon use, vSEC:CMS allows users to fully leverage its capabilities for strong authentication (2FA) and PKI. WHfB is available from Microsoft Windows 10.

vSEC:CMS C-Series - Cloud

vSEC:CMS will change your views on how to manage the lifecycle of authentication tokens. The vSEC:CMS C-Series is an innovative, easily integrated and cost effective Smart Card Management System or Credential Management System (SCMS or CMS) that will help you deploy and manage credentials within your organization.

The vSEC:CMS C-Series is fully functional with minidriver enabled credentials and it streamlines all aspects of a credential card management system by connecting to enterprise directories, certificate authorities, physical access control systems, email servers, log servers, biometric fingerprint readers, PIN mailers etc. Organizations can run vSEC:CMS C-Series in public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds. With vSEC:CMS organizations can issue badges to employees, personalize the badges with authentication credentials and manage the lifecycle of the badges - directly from the cloud.

vSEC:CMS K-series user license v3.0

vSEC:TOOL K3.0 is the PKI and smart card experts’ favorite tool. It provides a hassle-free option to evaluate your PKI credential rollout plan

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