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Working with Card Admin and the new version of Gemalto LinqUs cards (USIMERA)


There has been some minor modifications on the LinqUs USIM card. The profile is now on a new type of platform and is not recognized as a "LinqUs" card by Card Admin anymore.


Selecting correct Card Type when card is first inserted

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  1. Select the cards ATR
  2. Select the Card Type "USIMERA Prime Card"
  3. "Apply"

The card's ATR is 3B9E96801FC78031E073FE211B66D0017A7B0E000E

If you already selected a wrong card type, please go to Tools / Card Type Management / ATR Manager...

Select the ATR 3B9E96801FC78031E073FE211B66D0017A7B0E000E and delete it (you have to remove card from card reader). Reenter the card in the card reader and follow the instructions above.


Select Mode

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Entering the card USIM mode you should:

  1. Select "USIM"
  2. Select to Automatically Verify Keyset (optional)
  3. Select Key Set 15 - Verify Key
  4. Put Value: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
  5. Click "Select"

Verifying the Keyset, verifies all necessary ADMIN keys, but you still need to verify the PIN. So don't forget to verify GPIN unless it's been disabled during personalization.

 Note: If you don't see ADF USIM after entering the card in USIM mode, right-click on 3F00 - MF, select "Scan 3G...". After the scan you should be able to see the ADF USIM directory application.

Verify PIN

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If PIN has not already been disabled, you need to verify it. Open the window by clicking the Secret Codes symbol at the top.

GPIN: 1111
LPIN: 2222

Enter in the PIN then click Verify. If you want to disable it, click the Disable tab and enter in the PIN then click disable.

Mandatory fields


ACC (The mobile must belong to at least one access class allowed by the network. Otherwise all access attempts will be barred. If you don't know, set ACC to 00 01)


Put your Keys Ki and OPc


Put Ki...

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Right-click on ADF-USIM and select "Put Ki..."


Put Ki...

media 1355221522123

Enter your Ki and OPc and click "Put Key" when ready


Test Authentication

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Right-click on ADF-USIM and select Authenticate.

Set SQN to 00 00 00 00 01 if it's the first attempt and click "Authenticate"



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Done! The next time you Authenticate, SQN will be 00 00 00 00 02

If you need to reset SQN, open the file 2F27 and set all tabs/records to zeros.





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