Knowledge Base - Settings: Deactivate ISIM application

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This will show you how to "delete" the ISIM application on your Usimera Prime card. This also works with other card types, not just Usimera Prime. However, the application is not deleted, only the information that the application exists. If you copy the binary information you can restore it later.

Choose Dir

1 lg

Start by inserting the card in the card reader and go to the Master File.
Then open Dir, the Application Directory.

  Tab 2

2 lg

Go to tab 2 and uncheck 'Object Availability'.
Then click Update.



3 lg

This is what it now should look like, unchecked 'Object Availability' box and grey areas.
ISIM is now removed.



Created : 2016-05-25 11:56:21, Last Modified : 2017-06-14 14:24:04