Knowledge Base - EAP-SIM/EAP-AKA support

USIMERA PRIME with Milenage support has EAP-SIM/EAP-AKA Native support.

None of our other cards have native support for EAP-SIM / EAP-AKA.

However EAP-SIM / EAP-AKA  works anyway. Because EAP Implementations can use two possible architectures:

- Supplicant - EAP Legacy: the EAP requests and responses are processed by the terminal and the cryptographic computing is performed by the UICC. This implementation is more terminal-oriented.
- Supplicant - EAP Native: these two main tasks are performed by the SIM, and the terminal is only used to forward EAP requests to the UICC and EAP responses to the authenticator. This implementation is more SIM-oriented.

The SIM can have (or have not) the eap-sim/eap-aka supplicant embeddeded. The ones we provide today have not, except the USIMERA PRIME card. If they do, the client driver should simply offload all info to the card itself. If they don't then it is the phone that own the supplicant and query the card just for the internal values.




Created : 2016-05-30 13:20:20, Last Modified : 2016-05-30 13:20:20