Knowledge Base - SMAOT UICC: Changing Card Type

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Change card type

This is a guide describing how to change the card type in case you picked the wrong one in the initial stage.

ATR Manager

change card type 1

Insert the card into the card reader and go through the Select Mode as usual.
Next you need to open the ATR Manager by clicking the button shown above.


ATR Manager

change card type 2

In the Card Identification drop-down menu you will find your ATR. Next you need to find it in the list and tick the box.
Remove the card from the card reader, then click Delete.

You can now close this window.


Insert card

change card type 3

Insert the card into the card reader again and a window allowing you to choose the card type should pop up.


Select card type

change card type 4

In the drop-down menu, choose your ATR, then go down to the Card Type menu and choose the correct type.
Once you are done, click Apply. Done!




Created : 2016-06-21 10:16:34, Last Modified : 2017-06-14 11:43:19