Knowledge Base - SMAOT UICC: (3G XOR) Quick Guide


Quick Guide - SMAOT 3G XOR

Insert card

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Insert the card and click Select.

If it's the first time you use the card with Card Admin, you may have to select the card type. Please look a this article on how to do it.



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Expand the file tree on the left and right-click UICC Application. Click Scan 3G.


Verify Admin codes

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Right-click 3G/GSM OP Card and click Exchange APDU.


Verify ADMIN

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Enter in the information as above.
CLA: 00 INS: 20 P1: 00 P2: 0A
Length In: 8
Data In: 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31

Then click Exchange.
If successful it should say SW1=90, SW2=00 at the bottom.


Activate USIM

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Expand the file tree and right-click USIM, then click Activation.


Secret codes

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Right-click USIM and click Secret codes.


Verify secret codes

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Click GPIN1 and enter in the PIN, 1234.
Then click Verify.



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In some cases you might need to change ARR (file 6F06 in USIM) in order to be able to read/edit/delete files.
In this case, if you want to read Ki you need to change ARR. Follow the steps above.

1. Go to the tab needed. (You'll know what tab needs to be edited by looking on the right hand side of the file, under EF ARR ID)
2. Click the Command Group which needs to be changed.
3. Enter ALWAYS.
4. Click Check and Modify.
5. Click Update.


Edit files

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In this example we are editing IMSI.
Open the file, enter in your desired information, then click Update and close.
Repeat for all of your files.




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