IDBridge K3000 - Token + PKI Smart Card + MicroSD

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PKI Smart Card + MicroSD µSD Flash Memory.

IDBridge K3000

Features and Benefits:

  • Zero-foot print plug-and-play on multiple operating systems when configured in HID (Human Interface Device)
  • Integrated in Microsoft smart card environment when configured in CCID (Chip Card Interface Device)
  • Metal outer housing for protection against physical damage
  • Versatile interface accepting .NET, FIPS 140-2 level 3 or Common Criteria PPSSCD certified smart cards
  • High flash memory capacity from 2 and 32GB with AES hardware encryption capability.
Technical Specifications:
Smart Card
ID-0 SIM sized card Supports ISO 7816 Class B cards (3V)
Supports up to TA1=97 ISO7816 parameters(587Kbps with a 4,7Mhz reader clock)
Supports up to TA1=96 ISO7816 parameters(293Kbps with a 4,7Mhz reader clock)
Reads from and writes to all ISO 7816-1,2,3,4 microprocessor cards, T=0 and T=1 protocols
Supported Crypto
PKCS#11 for Windows over HID for Java TPC IM CC and .NET smart cards
Host Interface HID Human Interface Device
 CCID Chip Card Interface Device,
operates with Microsoft CCID driver inbox Vista and higher
USB 2.0 High Speed 480 Mbps
Maximum consumption 200mA
Operating voltage 4.4 --> 5.5V
Flash Data Storage Flash memory options Micro SD CARDS from 2GB to 32GB
Memory lifetime 1 000 000 writing cycles
Read/Write performance Up to 15MB/s Read" and 7MB/s" Write
Encryption Native 256-bit AES hardware encryption
256-bit encryption key
Chain Block Cipher (CBC) mode
Partition capability Read Only partition with CD-ROM emulation (500 MB max)
System for mirror copy at Read Only partition update
Hidden partition dedicated to application data storage
Private encrypted partition
Public unprotected partition
Token form factor


USB plug USB type A connector guaranteed for 1500 insertions
retractable protection cover, qualified for 5000 cycles
Power indicator LED one color (blue)
Dimensions 64 mm x  24 mm x 12 mm
Weight 24 grams (with SD & Smart Card)
Airtightness IP 60 (dust protected/no waterproof)
Environmental performances Operating temperature 0 to 50 degreeC
Storage temperature -20 to 60 degreeC
Damp heat storage IEC 68-2-3
+50°C / 93% RH, 96 h
Thermal shock IEC 68-2-14 Nb
0°C / 2 h, +50°C / 2 h, 2 cycles
Sinusoidal Vibration IEC 68-2-6
2gn, 0,15mm, 10 Hz to 500 Hz, 10 cycles
Bumps IEC 68-2-29
Half-sinusoid, 15 gn / 6 ms, 1000 cycles
Free Fall IEC 68-2-32
1 m, 2 times, 3 axis
Electrostatic discharges IEC 1000-4-2
± 8 kV (air discharge on non plastic parts)
± 4 kV (contact discharge metallic parts)
Operating systems supported Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Vista, Win7 using Microsoft CCID driver
Linux Ubuntu 10.04
MAC OS X 10.6 Lion
Standards & Certifications European Community CE : 89/336/CEE
Non Radio devices : Generic Emission Standard :
EN50081-1> ENw 55022 Generic Immunity Standard :
Radio Devices : ETS 300330
UL, FCC part 15 Class B
USA EMC: FCC part 15
Federal Communication Commission
Safety : UL 1950 Safety Of Information Technology Equipment
RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and its amendment directives
(with reference to IEC 62321/2nd CDV (111/95/CDV).
Procedures for the determination of Levels of Regulated
Substances in Electro-technical Products.
Management System
SmartTMS on Windows


" Datas based on internal testings. Actual performance may vary according to SD Flash reference, and operation performed (data encryption,...)


Compatible with SecureDoc preboot authentication solution by WinMagic. Latest 5.3 sr1 Standalone (64 bit) version of Secure doc is needed with improvements for CCID driver. You can refer to the WinMagic Web site with a list of supported Gemalto devices.

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