SafeNet GOLD

SafeNet OTP hardware tokens provide a strong and scalable foundation for securing access to enterprise, web-based and cloud applications, and complying with privacy and security regulations.
SafeNet hardware tokens offer rich case-branding options, and are field-programmable by the customer, enabling organizations to maintain stringent control over their own critical OTP security data.

Offering an additional layer of security beyond basic OTP, the SafeNet GOLD is activated with a personal
identification number (PIN), which prompts the authenticator to provide an OTP. In challenge response mode, users activate GOLD with their PIN, and then must validate a numeric challenge on their GOLD authenticator.

So what can you do to stay one step ahead of attackers and protect all access points to your networks? Strong authentication
is the answer. Also known as multi-factor authentication, strong authentication uses two or more different forms of identity
verification such as 'something you know' (password, PIN), and 'something you have' (smart card, token). One-time passcode
(OTP) devices provide an additional layer of security, and are a good start to making sure your network is protected by more than
simple static passwords. The user enters their username and the numeric code generated by the OTP device. The authentication
server validates the code and access is granted to the appropriate network resources.

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