Jcop Card & Java Card

JCOP – The Core of Your Application

  • Java Card Operating System provided by one of the leading Smart Card IC vendors.
  • Field proven Global Platform / Java Card used world-wide for Banking, Mobile Transactions, Secure Identity (e.g.: ePassports,
    National ID Cards, Digital Signature Applications, Health Cards, Driving License), Transportation and various other applications.
  • Unique Platform Design: Use one JCOP version to address all market segments and applications independent of the form factor (e.g.
    cards, mobile phones, tokens) and certifi cation requirements (e.g. CC, EMV, FIPS).
  • Cost and execution performance optimized solutions based on CMOS14,CMOS 0 and CMOS040 secure SmartMX technology.
  • Highest security and certification standards: CC EAL 5+/6+ (VAN5), EMVCo Platform, CAST (MasterCard), RISK (VISA) and FIPS.
  • Applet solutions for Banking, Mobile Transactions and Secure Identity with certifi ed Applets in ROM. Additionally NXP offers service
    to ‘ROMize’ customer Applets.

Applet Information

1) All JCOP products offer the possibility of ROM mask customization with Applets provided by the customer for high volume projects.
2) Generic JCOP products are delivered by NXP without Applets in ROM,EEPROM or FLASH.
- These products can be customized by downloading Applets to the EEPROM or FLASH by the customer to adopt them for any application / market.
3) NXP offers a market tailored range of products with Applets included in ROM mask
- The specifi c applets offered by NXP are shown in the Product Portfolio sections of this roadmap.
- Products including NXP provided applets are approved according to corresponding approval processes (e.g.: BAC, EAC, SAC, VISA and MCW).
-  Additional customer applets can be added into the EEPROM or FLASH.

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