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IDClassic IAS 610 - TPC Card

IDClassic IAS (legacy name: IAS TPC) is a PKI Java Card fully compliant with IAS ECC specifications.

IDClassic IAS (Legacy Name : IAS ECC HM MIFARE Classic® 1K)

IAS ECC PKI smart card on MIFARE Classic® 1K card body.

IDClassic MPCOS 11 - Hybrid Card

Secure and EMV compliant MPCOS EMV R5 enables commercial banks to quickly and easily start to migrate their current cards to EMV standard.

IDBridge CL300 - Contactless Smart Card Reader with SAM slot

Prox-SU is a PC-Link contactless reader with a SAM (Secure Acess Module) slot.

IDBridge CL3000 - Dual Interface Smart Card Reader

Prox-DU which combines contact and contactless smart card interfaces in a single cost effective USB reader

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