Mobile ID

Mobile ID enables to revolutionize online activities for billions of people. Using a secure and convenient mobile phone-based second factor authentication, and consent-based digital identity management; users can now enjoy an easy and trusted digital journey.​

Fast and Simple Online Authentication

A single ID and password

Protected Privacy and reinforced Online Security

Mobile Connect​ is an initiative from the GSMA that aims to provide a universal login service for everybody worldwide. This new digital authentication standard enables interoperability and ubiquity, to ease the global deployment of federated identity.

Available in Software-as-a-Service mode, Mobile ID provides scalable identity management and authentication services for MNOs to easily become universal digital identity provider and set up all Mobile Connect services.

Identity Federation enabling Single Sign On service

Easy on boarding portal services

End-User permission-based information sharing service

Simple mobile login to access web services with one click experience (level of assurance 2)

Secured authentication and transaction with the use of a unique secret code (level of assurance 3)

Qualified digital signatures with the use of advanced digital certificate and public key signature services (level of assurance 4)

Mobile ID features work on any handset, offering the largest scale of authentication means via SMS network, mobile software applications, or SIM embedded application and can be deployed over-the-air to a mobile operator's existing user legacy base.

Mobile Connect ecosystem enabler:

The experience of providing security solutions to va​rious sectors enables us to reach thousands of service providers. Our sales force can support direct sales and promotion of the Mobile Connect through our existing channels. Additionally, our consulting offers ease the integration of the service. ​

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