10. IoT connected device

10. IoT connected device

Machine Identification Modules (MIM)

M2M and IoT applications present new technology challenges, and in many cases, standard components designed for consumer devices are not ideally suited to the job. To meet the need for an M2M optimized SIM card that is ruggedized for long life in extreme conditions, a specialized platform was developed called the Machine Identification Module - MIMâ„¢ that has quickly become the preferred solution for enabling secure cellular connections.

MIMs are optimized to:

- Survive extremes of vibration, temperature, and humidity common to M2M applications
- Endure a long life span (ex: 10+ years)
- Occupy a small footprint (miniaturization)
- Withstand and integrate into industrial manufacturing processes

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2G Wireless M2M with Advanced Java Processing Power.


Perfect M2M with Integrated GNSS.


Highly Efficient 3G Connectivity in a 2G Footprint.


Global 3G M2M Module with JavaTM Embedded.


Global 3G Connectivity with JavaTM Embedded and GPS.


Industry-first M2M Cat.1 LTE module for Highly Efficient 4G optimized for IoT.

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