Mobile Guardian - Protect smartphones from loss or theft


​​Modern life is mobile and people carry around ever-increasing amounts of personal content on their valuable smartphones. Losing or getting their handset stolen is a major problem for your customers. A phone-finder or locate-my-phone service can be perceived as a great value from an MNO for its customers. They are looking for the right protection for both their mobile and the content inside, and mobile operators are trusted to keep subscribers' handset and content safe and private.

LinqUs Mobile Guardian enables you to offer a full device protection service to your clients to find their smartphone and secure their content if their device is lost or stolen. For providing such a solution to your customers, Mobile Guardian includes:

  • A white-label app for set up by the subscriber that uses OTA technology to locate and lock the handset, and erase content
  • A dedicated web interface for subscribers with step-by-step user-friendly guidance especially adapted to this potentially high-stress situation
  • An option that allows your call center agents to act on behalf of the subscriber if they are without internet access or simply prefer to deal with a human voice.

mobile guardian

  • Works even without data connection (SMS)
  • Functions even after SIM card has been changed
  • Traffic boosting campaigns for a great service uptake
  • Benefits for end users:
  • Minimized impact of a potentially disastrous loss or theft situation
  • Peace of mind when entering important information into the mobile
  • Step-by-step guidance through user-friendly web self-care or call center assistance
  • Benefits for MNOs and Value Added Service providers:
  • A great new revenue stream, providing positive customer support in critical situations
  • SaaS mode for fast time-to-market and easy updates
  • Enhanced brand presence through a white label offer


  • Locate the lost or stolen mobile phone
  • Play an alarm on the phone, even when muted
  • Display a personal message to any person finding the phone
  • Take a snapshot of any person entering a wrong PIN to unlock the handset
  • Remotely lock the mobile screen preventing unwanted access to personal data
  • Erase content on the handset
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