3G USIM Card incl Dummy XOR Algorithm - 4FF

3G USIM card incl XOR Algorithm - 4FF

  • SIM 1.4 features
  • USIM 3GPP Release 5 compliant
  • Interoperability: passed 3GPP Test Suite 51.013
  • Optimal dynamic memory management
  • Dynamic applets and files administration based on standardized 23.048 protocol & GlobalPlatform 2.0.1
  • Multi application capability
    • with both 2G SIM and 3G USIM applications
    • based on Java architecture 
  • 2G Java application interoperability for a cost effective and time to market new services deployment
    • Passed test suite 11.13
  • State of the art security (cards with Milenage) :
    • SPA/DPA Milenage algorithm
    • DES/3DES, authentication counter
  • ETSI TS 102.222 administrative commands to achieve a complete and fully configurable card personalisation.
  • Optimal dynamic memory management for a flexible management of applications and card files.


GSM release 5
ETSI GSM 11.11
ETSI GSM 11.14 (STK)
ETSI GSM 03.19 (API)
ETSI GSM 03.48 (OTA)
ETSI Test Suite 11.13 (API Interoperability)
3GPP TS 42.009: “Security Aspects”
3GPP TS 43.020: “Security related Network functions”
Sun Java Card Specification 2.1.1 or 2.2.2
Global Platform 2.0.1
Smart card-based client provisioning standard : OMA-WAP-ProvSC-V1.1
3G release 5
ETSI TS 102 221 : UICC - terminal interface
3G TS 31.102 : USIM application
3G TS 31.111 : USIM application toolkit (USAT)
3G TS 33.102 : 3G security
3G TS 31.122 : Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) conformance test specification
3GPP 23.048 : OTA security mechanisms
3GPP 43.019 : API
3GPP TS 42.009: “Security Aspects”
3GPP TS 43.020: “Security related Network functions”
JSR 177 and JSR 118 compatibility

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