GlobalPlatform for NFC

GlobalPlatform for NFC

The essentials for managing NFC Services on the Secure Element,shared between MNOs, banks & service providers
Mobile NFC requires co-operation between different stakeholders, each with their own culture and expectations. The overallrequirements are: - the need to easily design, deploy & operate services with security and confidentiality.
GlobalPlatform 2.2 is the interoperable standard to allow a secure implementation & communication between parties.
This training will help you to better understand the Global Platform specifications for NFC, including GP2.2 specifications for configuring Secure Element, the amendments A, B, C….for contactless parameters & confidential SE content remote management.

  • Understand the GlobalPlatform 2.2 Smart Card Spec functionalities
  • Understand how the different actors (Mobile Operator, MVNO,Bank, and Transport Operator) can share the same Secure Element (SE).
  • Understand how to access a GP SE and its applications Remotely’
  • Have a technical understanding of the PlatfoPlatform 2.2 standards (UICC configuration, Amendment A…)

All people involved in Mobile NFC project:

  • Secure Element Architects
  • Developers
  • Product dev team
  • Technical team
  • Operational Team
  • Security Managers
  • Pre-requisites:
  • This course requires participants to have basic knowledge on NFC Ecosystem
  • This course is held in English

Mobile NFC Ecosystem - Introduction

> Mobile NFC Use Cases
> Overall Solution Architecture & Real deployment examples
> Mobile NFC, User interface, Secure Elements (SE) – Focus on UICC
> Global Platform & Mobile NFC – Different TSM Server and SE architectures Global Platform 2.2
> Context & Needs
> Multi-application card and security architecture
> GlobalPlatform Commands (Java Card Application management for NFC)
> Security Domain, privileges and commands
> Business models (simple, AM, DM)
> SCP02, OTA and HTTPs security, and Key management
o Brief overview of Amendment D (SCP03)
> Differences between GP2.1 & GP2.2 Global Platform Access Control
> Overview of mechanism & rules applied to mobile applications access to Secure Element applets

UICC config
> Definition of the minimal GP configuration for a Telecom Secure Element
> Demos:
o GP hierarchy definition, starting from business
requirements + demo

Card Compliance Program
> Compliance program and how to obtain GP certification
> Demos:
o Use GP commands
o Load, install applet
o Test delegated management

Amendment A
> Confidential Card Content Management (CCCM), confidential initialization of the 1st service provider keyset

Amendment B (if required)
> RAM over HTTP management, SCP81, Admin. agent and HTTP session flowcharts

Amendment C
> CRS, CREL definition, contactless parameters, privileges, Cumulative Granted Memory.

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